NOTE: VERSOR is in active development! git pull frequently for updates! And GMAIL me (wolftype) or the list ( with questions or problems.

You can sign up for the list here.

There is also a local list for my GA seminar here


Version 2.0

git clone git://                              
cd vsr2.0
git submodule init
git submodule update 

This grabs Versor (vsr), a Graphics Library (gfx) submodule and GLV (a user-interface submodule).

Version 1.0

git clone git://
cd vsr
git submodule init
git submodule update

make vsr
make examples/basics/xMeet.cpp

Please email me (wolftype at gmail) or the list if you have any issues!

If the above fails, make sure you have OpenGL, Glu, Glut, and GLEW installed. If not, see Getting GLU / GLUT / GLEW section below. Or, email the list.

To use the built-in interface, gui, mouse and keyboard, etc, requires an input control listener set-up. Bindings exist to two cross-platform windowing systems, GLV and AlloCore, both made by my colleagues in the MAT program. It should be easy to make a binding to Open Frameworks ofxgui, for instance (also an MAT-Alum project)

The easiest way to get started to is to use GLV. GLV is great for quick and easy OpenGL-based interfaces.

libvsr.a can also built in isolation with no dependencies except the standard library.

make vsr GFX=0

Most likely, however, you will want to be able to draw the elements to screen.

For a list of make options:

make help

To start over:

make clean

Feel free email me at with questions


Linux (Ubuntu)

If you do not have glut and glew installed:

A) install glut:* sudo apt-get install freeglut3 freeglut3-dev

*note on newer versions of ubuntu (11.10 and greater) you may also have to do: sudo apt-get install binutils-gold

B) install glew:

On ubuntu, first do:

sudo apt-get install libxmu-dev libxi-dev

Download tar or zip from
cd into glew folder:

cd glew
sudo make install

or clone from current repos:

git clone git://
cd glew
make extensions
sudo make install

Other Options

Email me with requests for ports, or to beg me to provide Windows support etc.